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Thank you for your interest in assisting with our Mission here. We are continuously looking for volunteers to join our team. Below, you can find the positions we currently have that are in need of immediate assistance. 


Peer Support Specialist

Upon organization training and certification, the Peer Support Specialist will assist with the Lifeline and Crisis Team. 

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Within the back office management, the Logistics specialists will assist with organization and planning of mission integrations.

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Marketing/Graphic Design

Volunteers that are skilled in graphic design, and marketing tools, will assist with media publishing and networking. 

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IT Support

Within the back office management team, the IT Specialist will assist with planning and tech support of our platforms. 

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Content Developer

Content developer volunteers will assist with the Forum, groups, and blog development for mission website. 

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Social Media Handler

In assistance with the Marketing/Graphic Design team, the Social Media Handlers will assist with oversight of posts and communications of members. 


Please complete the form to apply for a position with us.

Upon successful submission, you will be prompted to join our site as a member. 

Please continue with a membership registration, as it will be required for our volunteer team.

(All information obtained will be kept strictly confidential.)

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