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While Excellence is the Responsibility of those amongst these Thin Lines, the Discipline is Strengthened from Within. 


Our mission: To provide perseverance through communication and understanding; guidance through resources and education; and health advocacy through influence and coaching. The survivability of our First Responders and members of our Military Communities is our number one objective. And that survivability is succeeded by imperative training, accredited education, access to dependable gear supply, and most importantly, mental health resilience. 


We are the Within Thin Lines Foundation, Responder Lifeline, and the WTL Education “Where Training Leads.” Our philosophy here is that excellence is all of our own responsibilities. And that responsibility starts Within the Thin Line communities. We strive to provide our members a place at our table, just like at the firehouse, where they can solve all the world's problems; share their stories, reflect on experiences, learn from and educate one another, and most importantly, understand the need for mental and physical strength conditioning. We provide a safe haven for members to know that it’s okay to not be okay, and that some of the best support they can find is from their very own brothers and sisters within their communities. 

We are a Veteran-owned, First Responder operated training and education center organization, accredited by CAPCE, NAEMT, Co-TECC, American Heart Association, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, and SOLOSCHOOLS to provide educational content and training events. We are respected for having the conversations "nobody wants to have but need to have" and the training that everyone is "searching for."

Welcome Within a community of Military members, First Responders, and their friends and family; a collaboration where all fields, trades, and services can connect and relate. Welcome Within a table where members can share their stories, express their voices, and learn from each other. This is a resource where members can find perseverance, assistance, guidance, mentorship, and peer support. Welcome Within an outlet for collaborative and personal influence towards better health; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Welcome to our Art of Conversation here Within Thin Lines.  


We are a not-for-profit educational organization and training center dedicated to protecting and serving the men and women of our Military, First Responder and Public Service communities and their families through realistic training, valuable education, and peer understanding. Our currency is through your success in mental and physical survivability, dependable gear supply, and dedicated support. 



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