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Within Thin Lines Foundation

Good morning everyone!

I hope this finds each and every single one of you safe, healthy, and resilient!

A lot of good movement, news and additions here to our foundation.

Our mission: To provide perseverance through communication and understanding; guidance through resources and education; and health advocacy through influence and coaching.

Perseverance, guidance and health advocacy: what started as just a group of friends wanting to take their instructor backgrounds to the new level, and provide fellow first responders a new experience of education through a podcast, has now become an accredited training center through the American Heart Association, North American Rescue, CAPCE, and soon to be NAEMT and the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

What does that mean to you? Not only can you start earning CEU hours by listening to our show, but you will soon be able to come to us directly for NAEMT courses and mental health resiliency training in addition to our current NAR training and gear and CPR certifications, but you can soon see the WTL Cadre on the road more often delivering these programs to agencies and departments all over the nation.

Now you may be asking, why us? As a 501(c)3 charity, built from the ground up by First Responders and Veterans, for First Responders and Veterans, we offer these services with experience, sincere relevance and understanding, and a cause. Staffed by compassionate volunteers, we offer these programs at a better cost, and work around the budget of our customers. Not to mention that all proceeds go directly back into your overall experience and to the Charity’s mission to provide peer support and mental health resilience advocacy to our front line members.

“What’s that?” you say? That’s right! The WTL foundation has always taken mental health and peer support as a priority during all our podcasts, events, and interactions. That’s why we have set forth our mission with our own dedicated Peer Support Lifeline, Crisis team, and family support integrations.

With a 24/7 toll free number that you can call or text for support and mental health advocacy hosted by our Cadre dedicated to your well-beings, the WTL Foundation has successfully taken crisis phone calls, deployed to crisis events, provided resources to agencies and departments after critical instances, and worked with families of the fallen to regain their strength.

Now with all that being said, as followers of our Facebook page, we hope you will continue to ride these missions with us and join us in our new integrations and avenues.

Facebook: with the roll out of Facebook’s “New Page Experience,” we have come to notice we needed to develop a new page for our foundation as we cannot merge from old to new experience. Please go join us moving forward at The WTL Foundation and stay Within Thin Lines!

Instagram: in case you haven’t found us yet, you can find us @theWTLfoundation, and on TikTok too!

Website: New WTL site is up and active! with a bunch of awesome additions and integrations there!

Peer Support Lifeline: we hope you don’t need it, but when you do, we are here for you always. Call or text us anytime! Whatever the reason, it would be our honor to support you.


How can you help?

Share our new page, spread the word on our mission and resources, and join us on our journey. We strive to be there for all and any First Responder and Military Member and their families that needs us. However, we do thrive off the support of our partners, collaborators, and donors. Your donations, small or large, keep us moving in the direction we are headed.

Consider partnering, donating, or sponsoring us and our mission at


From us all here at the Within Thin Lines Foundation, we thank you for your continued support, trust and loyalty.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and just remember to stay Within Thin Lines.


-Your WTL Cadre

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