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Buddy Checks, Mental Health Mondays.

In a world that often encourages us to put on a brace face and keep our struggles hidden, it's crucial to remember that we are never aline in our journey. That's where buddy checks come in - a powerful way to support and uplift one another.

So, what exactly are buddy checks? They're simple acts of reaching out to someone you care about, asking how they're doing, and genuinely listening without judgement. A buddy check can be as easy as a text, a call, or even meeting up for a coffee chat. It's about creating a safe space for open conversation about mental health.

These simple acts can be a lifeline for someone who's silently battling their inner demons. Your simple act of reaching out could make all the difference in their day, and literally their life. By being there for one another, we create a network of understanding, where no one feels alone or isolated.

We ask that you do just this with three of your contacts. It may have been months, years, or almost a decade since you've last spoken to them, but non-the-less, you once trusted them as battle buddies. Don't let anyone fight their battles alone. Reach out, catch up, and remind yourselves of how they earned that nickname.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay together as battle buddies.

And as always, the Cadre of the WTL foundation is here to help.

Text Support to (844)STAY-WTL

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