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Peer Support Responder

About the Role

In collaboration with the mission of the Wounded Medic Foundation and the Within Thin Lines Foundation, the following Peer Support Volunteer positions are open:

1. Peer Support Responder: Monitors and initiates Peer Support Conversations.
-Social Media Message monitoring for “Peer Support trigger words/phrases” to include but not limited to
“I need help.”
“Is there anyone I can speak to?”
“I’m having a hard time.”
“Can I get Mental Health Support?”
-Peer Support Lifeline Call Taker in answering calls that activate our peer support channel (ext 0)


Required Training/Preferred experience.

1. First Responder experience of at least 5 years Preferred.

2. Peer support experience Preferred

3. NAEMT Certification of the Mental Health Resilience Officer course.

4. Active or Veteran status of First Responder Role.

About the Company

Mission Statement: To provide perseverance through communication and
understanding; guidance through resources and education;
and health advocacy through influence and coaching.

Accredited Training: CAPCE approved Conversational/Educational Podcast Episodes
NAEMT Training Center, AHA CPR/First Aid Training Center
Mental Health Resiliency Education and Peer Support.

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