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Hi I'm Dom! Full time Firefighter/paramedic for 4 years at Streamwood FD. Started part-time at the age of 19 with Carpentersville. 1st generation American with a Polish family. I am fluent in Polish and am the only Firefighter/paramedic in my family. Absolutely love being the best version of myself through everyday prepardness, constant training, mental and physical fitness. I have 1 brother that is in the Army. My hobbies are tactical firearms training, snowboarding, physical fitness, Jiujitsu, constant firefighter/ems classes, hiking, rock climbing, and amazing adventures with my fiance. I have a strong passion for trauma in EMS and being ready for the toughest scenarios. I help teach at a fire academy, EMT program, and TECC/TCCC. At work I am working on becoming a special teams TRT member. I am involved in the training division, paramedic preceptor, probationary mentor program, Stop The Bleed Instructor, and EMS division. Everyday I wake up I look to learn something new. Everyday I am strive for laughter and memories.

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